As a nation, we're pretty attached to our cars. Thanks to generations of poor civil planning and rampant urban sprawl, we've come to need personal transportation like most civilizations require fresh water. Turns out we aren't the only ones, though. Our amiable neighbors to the north seem to be just as hooked on the automobile as their surly cousins down south. A new survey of Canadian drivers has found that car owners would gladly give up a number of essentials before parking their car once and for all – including sex.

According to The Toronto Star, the study found that two percent of the population would rather give up sex and just one percent chose driving as the thing they could go without, while 14 percent of those tallied would sacrifice coffee and 36 percent would ditch junk food.

The survey was organized by the World Wildlife Fund as a way to get people thinking about the benefits, both financially and environmentally, of taking public transportation. Of those surveyed, nearly 30 percent said that they always drive wherever they're going. Our guess is that number would be significantly steeper if the survey took place here in the land of the deep-fried free.

[Source: The Toronto Star]

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