We love cars. We even bathe, polish, and prune our autos, but we're quite sure we've never taken our obsession this far. According to the UK's Telegraph, Edward Smith freely admits he has had 'sex' with over 1,000 cars as part of a love affair that began with the Corvette Stingray at age 13 and is still strong today at age 57. We're not making this up. Ed really loves his rides. Currently, Smith is "involved" with a Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla, and he's also had long-term relationships with a 1993 Ford Ranger Splash (who hasn't) and a 1973 Opel GT. He writes cars poetry, sings to them, and even talks to them like they are his girlfriends.

Although Smith has had long-term relationships with vehicles, he's seldom practices, uh, monogamy. Smith admits to affairs with vehicles that he sees on the streets and in dealer showrooms. "There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving." Too real to be funny, really. Smith's biggest sexual thrill was a tryst with the helicopter from the 1980s show Airwolf.

Smith insists that he's not hurting anyone, and that he is not attracted to men or women. You may think that Smith is unique in his physical love of the automobile, but evidently, he's not. There are reportedly over 500 "car lovers" that have been brought together by enthusiast forums. Smith is telling his story as part of a documentary about mechaphilia called My Car Is My Lover. The documentary airs tomorrow (May 28) on UK Channel Five.

[Source: Telegraph]

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