As much as plug-in advocates would like to believe otherwise, mass adoption of battery electric vehicles (EVs) will not be the silver bullet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. EVs are only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, cars of all kinds only represent 20-25 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Thus, even if we electrify the entire vehicle fleet, it won't come close to addressing the full scope of the greenhouse gas reductions that are needed.

The Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK has come out with a new report declaring that the changes in our energy use patterns need to go well beyond ground transportation to include cleaner power generation and the way we use our cars. A transition away from coal-fired power plants and increased use of programs like car sharing would help. RAE also criticizes the first wave of "smart meters" being rolled in the UK because they are not capable of managing EV charging. As a result they will be prematurely obsolete.

[Source: The Guardian | Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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