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From our "It's not you, it's...ok, it is you. You and your new beau have gone and spoilt everything!" department comes word that GM India was not too keen on staying in a relationship with Reva Electric Car Company now that Mahindra & Mahindra has moved in and taken a majority position in the sub-continent's best known electric vehicle maker. Now, instead of little e-Sparks rolling out of factory doors later this year, the plan is to tout the possibility of the Chevy Volt coming to India after it's released this November in America. As if.

Of course, GM India is playing it cool, saying that it actually decided to break off the relationship two months ago because its Detroit parent has been developing a global electric drivetrain it can use. Apparently, GM India waited until the M&M announcement only because it was hoping to get some records CDs back. Or something. A revised launch date for the e-Spark was not forthcoming.

[Source: The Economic Times]

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