1920 Milburn electric vehicle – Click above to watch video after the jump

Every once in awhile we come across a car that reminds us that electric vehicles (EVs) are far from new. The pristine Milburn Electric shown in the picture dates all the way back to 1920, but production began on the Milburn back in 1915. Surprisingly, 35 examples of the Milburn still exist today, which speak volumes for the reliability and durability of this EV. What hasn't changed in the last 90+ years are the virtues of going electric. As the plaque states, the Milburn didn't need a drop of gas, a radiator or a tail pipe – and didn't emit any pollution. These qualities are exactly why buyers are eager to get into EVs today.

Also, if you think that Better Place invented the battery swapping idea, you're wrong. The Milburn features the convenience of an exchangeable battery, albeit in a much less automated manner than the Better Place model. In addition, the 100-mile range of many current EVs certainly doesn't show much progress considering that the Milburn claimed identical numbers. Price is one area where the current crop of EVs outshine many of the oldies. The Milburn would've only set you back $1,000 in 1920, but that price was four times the cost of the best-selling Ford Model T. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to actually drive one of these classic electric vehicles, you'll probably have to conjure up images in your head. But, if you want to see the Milburn in action, follow the jump. Hat tip to Larzen!

[Source: Gas2]

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