Look at any legislation related to cars, and it seems pretty obvious that lawmakers hate automobiles. While it seems odd that people who get driven around Washington D.C. gridlock in full-size SUVs are railing against the same kind of vehicles, there's also a contingent of legislators on the state level who understand that "suck, squeeze, bang, blow" has nothing to do with Clinton-era interns.
For the last five years, SEMA has partnered with state lawmakers interested in preserving and protecting the automotive hobby in the form of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. If you're a gearhead interested in knowing who your friends are at your state's Capitol when it comes to the love of cars, SEMA's list of state Senators, Reps and Assemblymen who are members of the Caucus is where to go.

There are even photos of some members posing with their personal rides. It's a .pdf-based e-document, but you can easily figure out where to send your greasy-fingerprinted, crayon-composed love letters.

[Source: SEMA.org]

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