Gordon Murray's latest project, the T27, is reportedly getting much closer to production. Construction of a factory to produce the three-seat electric car could begin by the end of the year. The T27 is the battery-powered variant of the T25, both of which are designed to be extremely lightweight and compact while offering space inside for three adults.
Murray is aiming for a mass of under 1,500 pounds for the electric version, and both the gas- and electric-powered versions are designed to be built on a common assembly line. Murray is right now reportedly pulling together a consortium to supply the components and do final assembly.

His company is working with engineering firm Zytec to develop an especially compact electric motor that will drive the rear wheels of the T27. Having worked with numerous automakers, including General Motors, Zytec has vast experience with electric and hybrid systems. Zytek also developed the hybrid KERS system that was used in 2010 by the McLaren F1 team and Corsa Motorsports in the American Le Mans Series.

[Source: AutoCar]

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