Reuters: FBI investigating four packages after Toyota's Kentucky HQ evacuated

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into four packages that were recently sent to four different Toyota manufacturing facilities over the past week. Investigators eventually determined that there was nothing harmful or threatening in the packages, but not before Toyota evacuated its North American headquarters in Kentucky on Friday. According to Reuters, the packages were described as suspicious, but neither the FBI nor Toyota seem to think the incident was any kind of threat.

Only one of the boxes caused a full-scale evacuation. Two others were uncovered in the mail rooms of Toyota plants in Texas and West Virginia without incident, while a third was stopped in a post office in Indiana. At this point, it's not clear exactly what made the packages suspicious in the first place. Whatever it was, though, it was enough to cause the post office workers in Indiana to call the state police. Law enforcement has yet to reveal the name of the sender.

[Source: Reuters | Image: AP Photo/David Zalubowski]

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