Jonathan Russel's 2020 Harley-Davidson concept – Click above for image gallery

It's no secret that the motorcycle industry as a whole is undergoing the same kind of turmoil as the automobile industry, and that's true for Harley-Davidson just as much (if not more so) than any other manufacturer. There's been a lot of conjecture on what the Bar and Shield brand needs to do to get itself back in order, but the one thing that remains constant is the need for interesting and desirable product.

What those products should be, though, is up for debate. Should H-D continue to focus on its core line of big-inch air-cooled V-twin machines or should it branch out even further with its lower-cost Sportster line or its high-performance, liquid-cooled Revolution-powered bikes? According to designer Jonathan Russel, Harley's future should include a major infusion of Apple.

Yes, that's Apple as in the technology company, not the fruit. Russel envisions lots of aluminum and laser etching, as seen on Cupertino's latest laptops. Also on the menu are lots of perforations with LEDs hiding underneath, which make up the tank-mounted instruments (including an interesting GPS) and the rear tail lamps. Intrigued? Check out our high-res image gallery below. Thanks for the tip, Radhika!

[Source: Yanko Design]

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