When a custom-tuned Rolls-Royce Phantom dubbed the "Centurion" showed up on eBay Motors three years ago, the seller wrote it "will become one of the most historically significant Rolls Royce Phantoms of recent times." In response, our own Alex Nunez replied, "We tend to agree, as bad things do make history." It appears that when the Centurion met history, they didn't get along: that's the car above, abandoned next to railroad tracks in the Russian suburbs.

Even if the Centurion was ugly, it's still a Phantom, and one would think it would be worth something more than a lonely death down by the tracks. Assuming the photo above is the real deal, there is at least one enigmatic inhabitant of Russia who thinks differently. Let this be a lesson, kids: this is what comes when one reaches too eagerly for stardom. You can have a look at the car in its better days in the gallery of high-res photos below. Thanks for the tip, Alex!

[Source: English Russia]

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