eBay Find of the Day: "tuner" Rolls Royce Centurion

A new Rolls-Royce Phantom starts in the neighborhood of around $330,000. Its styling is polarizing, however -- not everyone is enamored with the Phantom's imposing look. That hasn't hurt the car's sales, as Rolls-Royce has continued to expand to new markets and added an even more massive long-wheelbase version of the ultra-sedan since its introduction. Those who want to individualize their machines can work through the automakers bespoke program to tastefully customize the car.

What some deem tasteful, however, doesn't jibe with how others define the term, and as such, we see items like the Rolls-Royce Phantom "Centurion" depicted above. It's listed on eBay, and the item description says that it "will become one of the most historically significant Rolls Royce Phantoms of recent times." We tend to agree, as bad things do make history. Our "favorite" parts of this unfortunate custom (which was made for an unnamed "Las Vegas celebrity" ) are the trio of fender vents and the fascia update that makes the headlights look as if they've been masked off with electrical tape. Around back, a set of LED taillamps and local-auto-parts-store-looking exhaust tips keep it all terribly classy. Even if you don't like the Phantom in general, this is pretty hard to take. The changes to the car make it look like a replica. Despite all that, the current bid is $229,000. Good grief.

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: eBay]
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