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The Honda CR-Z has already been criticized on numerous occasions. Some focus on the vehicle's lack of power while others suggest that the mileage estimates are simply not good enough to justify the added cost and complexity of the hybrid setup. Its also been argued that any decent diesel could put the CR-Z to shame.

Autocar put the CR-Z to the test to see just how well it stacks up against other efficient vehicles over in Europe. On-board for this comparo were three diesels, one gasoline-powered vehicle and the hybrid CR-Z. None of the test vehicles are available stateside yet, but the test gives a good indication of what the CR-Z is up against and why it falls short, in some regards.

Here's the contender list: Alfa Mito1.4 Multiair (gasoline), BMW 320D Efficient Dynamics, Mercedes E200 CDI Blue Efficiency SE and Volkswagen Golf GTD (all diesel vehicles) and the Honda CR-Z hybrid. In case you are unfamiliar with the vehicles, all are noted for efficiency and not necessarily for their sporty demeanor.

After running the standard battery of driving tests and calculating the numbers for each vehicle, Autocar came up with the miles per gallon results. Every vehicle tested turned in good numbers, but some were way ahead of the rest. Coming in dead last – with 32.2 mpg (U.S.) – was the Alfa Mito, not surprising as it's the only gasoline entrant. In fourth place, the Honda CR-Z with 35.8 mpg. The three diesels dominated with the Golf at 36 mpg, the Mercedes at 38.8 and the BMW breaking 41 mpg.

Diesels reign supreme once again. It's not that the CR-Z was inefficient, it's just that the diesels proved to be that much better. This all just further saddens us, because most of those diesels (fingers still crossed on Golf GTD), will never cross the Atlantic.

[Source: AutoCar]

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