Just a few days back, Ford unveiled a brand new EcoBoost engine in Beijing. This engine, a 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder, will become one of the company's most efficient powerplants ever. Aside from engine size and number of cylinders, Ford was reluctant to release any more information for us to go on, but we speculated that the engine would produce about 105 horsepower and maybe find its way into a Fiesta in the future. In addition, we expect diesel-like efficiency and around 50 miles per gallon from this motor with CO2 ratings under 100 grams per kilometer.

Reportedly, a Ford source has now offered up some more info that points to us having to wait a long while for this ultra-efficient powerplant and that's not something we're thrilled about. Automotive News quotes this unnamed Ford source as stating:
For North America, it is a ways off. It certainly has been talked about to come here, but there is not a vehicle for it yet.

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