Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa live in the flesh

Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa with Andrea Zagato – click above for high-res image gallery

The caviar and concours-loving world was rocked this past Saturday night when Zagato dropped its Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa bomb. Seriously y'all, this sucker's so stunning that we don't even mind the childish graphics. In fact, our only gripe is that we weren't in attendance at the this weekend's 2010 Villa D'Este Concours so we could check out the tube-framed, almost Kamm-tailed TZ3 ourselves. Meaning we have no real gripes to speak of.

Luckily, an Autoblog reader named Graziano Mancini was there, took some shots, and he was good enough to send them on share with you. We like the live pictures even better than the stock studio shots. The TZ3 has that classic, special early 1960s Euro-racer charm and grace that is simply lacking from modern cars. Long story short, the car's fabulous. But don't take our word for it – the Zagato-penned Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa won the Villa D'Este's concept class. Very well done. Also, we'd be remiss if we didn't offer Andrea Zagato (above) a very happy 50th birthday today. Check out Mancini's full slate of shots in the gallery below.

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