In a new three-and-a-half minute video called "A day in the life with the Nissan Leaf," Nissan is showing just how perfect and easy life can be with a Leaf in your carport. You can control everything via the iPhone, you can get "stimulating acceleration" on the road and setting the car's internal timer to only charge at night is easy-peasy. There's even a bit of intentionally funny (we hope) Engrish in the video with the line "You got a mail" when your phone lets you know that the car is all charged up. Add in the muzak, which makes it feel like a 1970s sitcom, and you've got a real idyllic vibe going on. The reality isn't quite so smooth, but whatever. Thanks to Facebook's "all your internet are belong to us" mentality, there's no way to embed the clip. Instead, you'll have to watch it here.

In other Nissan news, the automaker and the DOE recently "performed a comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit of its manufacturing facility that will produce" the Leaf. A cleaner plant for a cleaner car? Makes sense to us. Thanks to Joe V. for the tip!

[Source: EERE, Facebook]

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