After flirting with the idea of teaming up with the TTXGP after the inaugural Isle of Man event last summer, the FIM (that's the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme in everyday English French) decided instead to go it alone and hold it's own stinkin' electric motorcycle road racing series. Called the e-Power International Championship, this weekend saw the first event take place just before the LeMans 24 Hour Moto. While we weren't on hand to judge its odiferousness for ourselves, the results gives us some clues as to what we missed.

The winner, Thomas Betti, led a field of five machines from his pole position to the checkered flag six laps later. Three bikes managed to finish the race, thankfully filling the podium, though even the winner, "admitted to have driven in economic mode to manage the available charge during the last laps." This, despite the fact that the race had already been shortened from its original length of eight laps of the 2.65 mile-long Bugatti Circuit.

Obviously, there's some room for improvement, but considering this was FIM's first go at electric road-racing, was it "the biggest flop in racing history" as VisorDown (who seem to have gotten their info from Ivar Kvadsheim's blog) is asking? Hey, we just report, you decide. We do though, hope they can step it up a notch or two by the time they attempt the next race at Albacete, Spain on the 22nd of May. If you want to get a taste of one of bikes, hit the jump for a few minutes of qualifying video with Reiner Kopp on the electrified Laverda from Munch's Racing; he took the number two spot.

[Source: FIM / Ivar Kvadsheim / VisorDown]

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