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There are a lot of ways to cross oceans, but the method of choice for Roz Savage is by boat. A row boat. By herself. Yes, there are easier ways to traverse thousands of miles of open water and it could be argued that some (sailboats) are just as "green," but, besides being an environmental advocate, Roz is a rower. Now, as she travels from Tarawa (yeah, we had to look it up, too) to Cairn, Australia, she has issued a challenge to those of us who care about the planet we live on to become Eco-Heroes.

What does being an Eco-Hero entail and how do you become one? First, you should proceed to the Eco-Heroes website where you can sign up to become a part of the community. You should eventually receive instructions on how to record "Green Deeds" which you can perform daily. The greenest of deed-doers gets a special prize at the end of each week from one of her sponsors (like a Green Heart mobile phone or a Re-Gen laptop bag from DaKine). Pretty simple, really. And, just like simple oar strokes can add up to a trans-oceanic journey, we can all accomplish great things, one task at a time. If you want to follow the adventures of an amazing person, check out her website where she blogs and tweets from her boat. If you need a bit of inspiration, hit the jump to get a taste of that adventure and a personal challenge in a brief video. If you need us, we'll be outside tuning up the bicycle for two-wheel commuting season.

[Source: Roz Savage via Robert Llewellyn]

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