If Bill Ford, Jr. has his way, he'll never be behind the controls of the Ford Motor Company ever again. It's not that the former CEO loathes the idea of holding the reigns to one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, notes Automotive News, it's just that he'd rather spend his time focusing on the company's future than dealing with day-to-to-day concerns.

So who's going to take the tiller when current head-honcho Alan Mulally steps out for good? It's anyone's guess at this point, though Ford believes that the company now has a strong enough management structure to pull a candidate from within. Mulally, who's currently 64 years-old, took over as CEO back in 2006, and there has been some speculation as to how long the man will stay in charge.

One thing's for sure though, odds are whoever jumps in the saddle at the Blue Oval after Mulally likely won't be of the Ford bloodline.

[Source: Automotive News | Image: Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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