This will get some heads turning: after a drive on challenging Welsh roads, Autocar has written "In its poise and agility I'd even say the MG6 is superior" to the Ford Focus Zetec S. There are other compromises: the interior, the gearchange, the NVH, grunt at high revs. But the first bespoke Nanjing-created MG, the MG6, is a certified runner according to the UK mag.

The MG6 hatch was designed at Longbridge, and it benchmarked the Focus for its own handling prowess. The turbocharged 1.8-liter Honda K-series engines isn't new, but the platform is, and this version of the car was tuned for European drivers and roads. As we said, there remain a few niggles, but for a pre-production car to be declared "borderline best-in-class to drive," and by a British pub no less, well, there could be gold in them thar (unlikely) hills.

[Source: Autocar]

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