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With an abundance of electric vehicle (EV) producers calling southern California home, the area is quickly becoming the future Motor City Electric City. First to the area was Tesla Motors, followed by Chinese automaker BYD, Aptera and Coda Automotive. Given the area's beautiful weather and picturesque scenery – and vibrant EV culture – can you blame them?

Coda Automotive is now making its footprint in California a little heavier. The company has chosen Los Angeles County for final assembly of the electrically-powered Coda sedan. The majority of the production work will be carried out in China before vehicles are shipped stateside for finishing touches and distribution. The company has its sights set on three possible locations but has yet to disclose that list and a final decision on where, exactly, the plant will be located. Coda recently received a whopping $394 million in capital which could be utilized to build the U.S. assembly plant. Plans call for the plant to be functional by the end of the year, which means Coda better swing into action immediately.

*UPDATE: The $394 is actually for an expansion to Coda's battery joint-venture and is not related to a U.S. assembly facility.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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