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Wherever feral youths congregate, it's pretty much a given that there'll be a car on its side. Now Chevrolet has gone and made that a certainty by creating a Spark that's intended to be rotated 90 degrees to rock the party. The car powers the DJ gear, though we're curious about modifications to the oil sump to keep the engine happy when on its side.

A special Chevrolet Spark DJ car that can pull off the Batmobile-like trick of transforming from a road-going automobile to a DJ platform with turntables on the wheels will be joining the haircut-wanting "indie" band The Mystery Jets (you're not an indie if you've got Chris Thomas producing your record. Just sayin') on some gigs starting today, April 8. The location of the Spark's roll-over-and-play-music demonstration will be determined by public vote, though the idea of a mustard factory in Birmingham sound like a tasty locale. Press release and video posted after the jump.

[Source: Chevrolet]

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An upturned modified car with wheels that serve as turntables has been developed by a team of Buckinghamshire engineers to create the world's biggest record player and the most mobile of mobile discos.

The Chevrolet Spark DJ car – which can be transformed from being legally roadworthy to a fully-functioning DJ booth in under 20 minutes – measures 3.6 metres in length and stands 1.6 metres high. Once converted into a DJ deck the motor powers two vinyl turntables, a CD deck and mixer.

Car-maker Chevrolet has created the unique DJ set up to mark the launch of its new Chevrolet Spark model. The mobile disco will be centre stage at a number of gigs by indie-band The Mystery Jets from Thursday, 8th April. A public vote will determine where the locations of the gigs will be with options including an old mustard factory in Birmingham, a car park in Manchester and a ferry in Liverpool.

To see a video of the DJ car in action and more details of the CHEVROLET SPARK UNSCHEDULED TOUR visit:

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