"Hello, would you like cake with your Vespa?"- Click above to watch the video after the jump

When you hear the term biker babes, the images that fill your mind may include bleach blond hair and the scant use of finely crafted leather bikinis. So you probably haven't stopped to consider the sexier side of the scooter industry, right? Don't feel bad – we needed a little encouragement too.

Usually when talking Vespa, we may be covering a new model release, maybe explaining how practical the "wasps" could be for your urban commute or that Sunday trip to the beach. Who knew beyond their cool, iconic exterior that Vespa has had so many run-ins with the fairer sex over the years? When we stumbled across this video history of the women of Vespa, it seemed the right thing to do was pass it along. Sexy, cool classic – Vespa knows just how to get our attention. Click past the break to see for yourself.

[Source: SoloMotoTreinta via Twowheelsblog]

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