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President Obama's limo is a basically a diesel-powered tank. When he came into office, the new President asked if he could get one with a hybrid drivetrain for his Presidential Topkick Cadillac to go along with his push for greener vehicles across the board. During a recent stop at a North Carolina manufacturing facility that builds battery components for hybrid cars, Obama was asked about the status of his hybrid limo hopes, and admitted that this isn't going to happen.

The reason, the President said, was that the Secret Service rejected his idea "because the cars that I'm in are like tanks," adding "there's a little bit of extra stuff on there." That extra stuff (security stuff, mostly) means the Presidential limo is about two to three times heavier than the average car, according to CBS, and so would not be able to accelerate with a hybrid powerplant. Instead, the limo uses a heavy-duty diesel engine to move around.

[Source: CBS]

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