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We get pretty excited about auto shows, and our recent trip to the Javits Center for the New York extravaganza was one of the better U.S. shows in recent memory. But while we managed to temper our enthusiasm, it appears some folks got carried away Sunday after Javits closed for the night. The New York Times reports that four people were shot (one with a BB gun) in the city on Sunday and 54 other people were arrested in and around Midtown Manhattan due to post-show violence. Luckily all four who suffered gun shot wounds appear to be recovering from their injuries.

Police reportedly told the NY Times that violence on Easter night has been a recurring problem in past years, with pockets of mini-riots and stabbings marring the evening. At question is whether the violence stems directly from auto show attendees or unruly crowds assembled after the show's completion. Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne said the troublemakers go to the auto show every year and "sometimes they get in fights afterward."

New York Auto Show spokesman Chris Sams told the NY Times that there was no trouble during the show, and that the crowd in attendance Sunday was very family oriented with "lots of baby strollers." In fairness to the New York Auto Show and its organizers, the first shooting reportedly occurred at 12:08 am on Monday morning, five hours after the show closed for the day.

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  • NASCAR refined U.S. bobsled
  • That gold medal weighs as much as a DSLR
  • Not quite Avatar, Mercedes offered a 3D video for showgoers
  • Lexus LF-A reflections
  • Lexus LF-A
  • April Fool's Day joke from Mini
  • The shape of things to come.

[Source: The New York Times]

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