Morris Motorcycles prepares for TTXGP with one bike, one rider and 100 owners

Morris Motorcycles wants to sell electric super bikes someday. Before it begins that task, though, it will first try to make a name for itself on the race track vying for victory in the 2010 UK TTXGP and, hopefully, the final at Albacete, Spain. To that end, they have put together many of the necessary pieces: a bike, a rider and a hundred team owners (so far). Yes, not only does the company desire to distribute unorthodox technology, its pathway is also somewhat unconventional.

The Swedish team will start its journey with the very hot Mavizen TTX02. As loyal readers know, this 130 mile-per-hour-capable machine uses the best bits of the race-winning Team Agni bike nestled within a KTM frame and runs on Linux. Sporting the team colors will be a woman who is herself, out of the ordinary. Annie Seel is quite at home on two wheels having tackled a number of Dakar Rallies, Mount Everest (I kid you not) and even rode last year's Eco Enduro in Denmark. The other important component in this mix is the crowdsourced ownership. Since putting out an open call for investors, Morris Motorcycles now has one hundred people holding a piece of the pie. Whether the result will be a case of too many cooks or a recipe for success remains to be seen but one thing is for certain, watching their effort unfold will be interesting.

[Source: Morris Motorcycles]

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