Red Bull leads the Australian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery

Wondering how the new Red Bull RB6 has managed to outpace the competition by such an impressive margin? The team is winless so far this season, but has lead after claiming the pole in Bahrain and Australia. The failures come down to reliability, but everyone around the paddock has observed how much faster Red Bull is this season than the rest of the field.

The answer could come down to a variable suspension speculated to be part of engineer Adrian Newey's latest design. The system allegedly adjusts the ride height constantly over the course of the race distance, an advantage banned under current FIA regs.

For its part, Red Bull Racing denies any wrongdoing, but both McLaren and Mercedes-Benz – two of Red Bull's main rivals this season, along with Ferrari – have lodged complaints encouraging the FIA to investigate the equipment being used in the RB6. Conflicting reports from Switzerland and Germany differ on whether such an investigation is currently underway, but we could be looking at the latest "gate" affair to rock the paddock.

[Source: ESPN | Image: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty]

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