2011 Ford Mustang pricing undercuts Camaro

While our drive impressions of the 2011 Mustang V6 and 2011 Mustang GT are still under a strict embargo until Monday, we can tell you one thing with certainty. That thing is pricing, and even though Ford has managed to add close to 100 horsepower to each car, the cash customers need to lay out has barely budged.
The 305-hp Mustang V6 starts at $22,995, while the 5.0-badged 412-hp Mustang GT starts at $30,495, with the V8 premium GT starting at $33,695. That's some pretty potent bang for your buck, especially as both prices include destination charges. Consider that the 304-hp V6 Camaro starts at $23,530, a difference of $535. Of course, that's for the 2010 Camaro, as Chevy has yet to release Camaro pricing for 2011.

The 426-horespower 2010 Camaro SS starts at $31,795, a difference of $1,300, with no 2011 prices announced yet. Of course, many people will be quick to point out that you do get more horsepower for the money (about $93 per pony according to our math). And paying more money for more power is always justified, right? Not so fast. Our friends over at Inside Line managed to (somehow) sneak the new 5.0 'Stang onto a dyno and record 395 horses at the rear wheels. Factor in about 12% parasitic drivetrain loss and you're talking in excess of 440 horsepower. Dang. Of course, we've driven the car and we can tell you with some certainty [CENSORED].

As it stands, the re-ignited pony car wars just got a whole lot more hot.

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