2011 Bentley Continental GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

Our intrepid spy shooters caught the 2011 Bentley Continental GT unwrapped for an all-too-brief moment, and managed to snap off a handful of shots before a VAG security team snatched their camera away and deleted all the images... save one.

However, this singular shot proves Bentley is taking considerable pains to update the aging GT with some new sheetmetal, a noticeably revised fascia and a sloping roofline that terminates into a more sculpted hatch.

From what we can see, the front end garners the majority of the changes, with a new set of LED headlamps inspired by the all-new Mulsanne. The hood looks slightly longer and the fascia combines an upright grille with a pair of sweptback fenders and more sculpted intakes.

The prominent swage line that runs the length of the GT appears slightly toned-down, particularly above the front wheel arches, and the mirrors look more aerodynamic than those fitted to its predecessor.

The overall appearance comes off as more planted and suitably swoopy, and unless our eyes (or the angle) are deceiving us, it looks like the 2011 GT's wheelbase is a shade longer than the current model. We should know all the facts when the 2011 Continental GT debuts later this year, likely at the Paris Motor Show this fall.

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