We expect the advocacy group Plug In America to constantly remind us of the benefits of plug-in vehicles. That's their reason for being, after all. Sometimes, impassioned pleas make a good argument; sometimes, taking a fresh look at what might be considered a boring topic does the trick.
Plug In America co-founder and actress Alexandra Paul has written a guest blog post over at In The Driver's Seat that follows the second path, and the topic is electricity rates. American are quite aware of the price of gasoline – we have things like the Gas Price Heat Map, and consumer and governmental gas price reports, after all – but we're not as conscious of the price of electricity. With the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs) becoming a reality this year, wouldn't this be a good thing to know? Paul notes that electricity rates don't fluctuate nearly as much as the price of gasoline does, which might be a reassuring thing for drivers thinking of making the switch to a plug-in vehicle. Aside from the steadier price, EV drivers who will need to rely on the grid (i.e., most everyone except those lucky enough to have a lot of solar or wind energy generated at home) can take comfort in the fact that electricity is often a local issue, unlike the global oil market. So, while "range anxiety" might be a real thing, "energy cost anxiety" is not.

[Source: In The Driver's Seat]

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