The Wrath of Carl: Edwards intentionally wrecks Keselowski at Atlanta [w/video]

Carl Edwards intentionally wrecks Brad Keselowski at Atlanta – Click above to watch video after the jump

NASCAR had said it wanted a return this season to the bad boy days of oval racing where drivers settled disputes on the track rather than saying "Aw, shucks" in front of the camera afterward. On Sunday, America's favorite motorsport got what it asked for when Carl Edwards used his No. 99 Roush Fenway Ford to intentionally wreck Brad Keselowski and his No. 12 Dodge on Lap 323 of the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The two were traveling around 190 miles per hour at the time when a tap from side by Edwards sent Keselowski's car airborne and crashing into the outside wall. On-air commentators quickly noticed in replays that the white gloves worn by Edwards made a quick, sharp turn of the wheel towards Keselowski's car right before the crash. At the time of the wreck, Keselowski was headed for his first top-10 finish of the season.

The incident has sparked questions about whether retaliation on the track has gone too far in NASCAR. And while Edwards has been painted by many in the press as the bad boy in this situation, Keselowski has a reputation as a wrecker himself. Earlier in Sunday's race on Lap 40, he clipped Edwards car on Turn 2. Long before that, Keselowski had spun Edwards last April at Talladega on the final lap to secure a victory, a wreck that caused some injuries in the grandstand as well. Keselowski's other feuds with Denny Hamlin and Juan Pablo Montoya are also well known.

Edwards reportedly admitted to officials after the race that the wreck was intentional, though he did not expect Keselowski's car to go airborne. The affable Aflac spokesman may be suspended for a race, though NASCAR officials have said they would take their time to investigate the incident before making a decision. Follow the jump to see the crash in question as it happened and make your mind for yourself: Did Edwards go too far, or did Keselowski have it coming?

[Source: FOX News, NASCAR]

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