An all-electric Shelby Cobra from AC Cars? Sign us up! Wait a second... that car pictured above doesn't look anything like the AC Ace, which was the basic platform that ol' Carroll famously borrowed, stuffed a Ford V8 engine into and called a Cobra. What we have here is an entirely new concept car that features some innovative thinking and an electric drivetrain.

Somewhat paradoxically, that eco-friendly concept will share floor space with the AC Mk VI, which is described as "a faithful recreation of the ultimate AC Cobra concept with the addition of the very latest in new technology" and powered by a GM 6.2-liter V8 engine. Not exactly a gas sipper, then.

According to Autocar, the aforementioned electric AC concept will feature a chassis that is hewn from magnesium and weighs just under 150 pounds (67 kilograms). That's extremely light. Says Alan Lubinsky, chairman of AC Cars:
Our prototype magnesium chassis, initially for EV applications, is at the forefront of technology for which we own the rights and which can provide vehicle designers with the ultimate in low-weight potential... We fully expect intense interest in the progress we have made and we look forward to forging partnerships with vehicle makers to exploit this new technology.
Dr. Moshe Miller, who has reportedly worked with GM's EV projects for the past 25 years, is said to be developing the drivetrain package for AC's electric concept while ex-Lotus engineer John Owen and automotive designer Ron Saunders are working with Israeli firm ALubin for the innovative structure. We'll keep an eye out for it next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: AC Cars, Autocar]

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