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Five Axis started its experiments modifying a Toyota Prius with a concept called the Aemulus and then moved on to the Aerius Prius at SEMA last year. As promised, the Aerius concept has evolved into the Five Axis Edition Toyota Prius package, pictured above, which is now available for consumer purchase. The Aerius' clear wheel covers are gone, but the Prius' original aerodynamics haven't been affected: a Prius with and without the kit have a drag coefficient of 0.25. The cost for the kit isn't posted on the Five Axis website, but we've asked and will update this post when the company shares that information with us.

Why would you want to pay to spruce up the look of your Prius? For some, the answer might be obvious. The "iconic" Prius shape gets a bit more aggressive with a four-piece urethane aero kit, optional tinted windows and new FIVE:AD S6:F wheels and Yokohama AVID W4s tires. The sound system can also be updated with an optional Five Axis Design subwoofer enclosure and amp rack. Five Axis' history modding Scions seems to have paid off here with the move to hybrid territory. Troy Sumitomo, the president of Five Axis and Five:AD, said, "The Hybrid market remains a blank canvas for styling enhancements, here in the U.S. Our goal is to bring a little pizzazz to a car that has often been thought of as conservative by many."

*UPDATE: Five Axis told us:
Five Axis Edition Toyota Prius package MSRP starting at $2,740.00 with 17" wheels (paint/installation not included). Additional options including larger wheel diameter (18"), leather seat covers and 3M Cyrstalline window film are also available. Please contact Five Axis Design or your local participating Toyota dealership for more information.

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While maintaining a pulse on the automotive styling forefront, Five Axis is now creating a buzz in the untapped and mysterious world of hybrids with their new 2010 Five Axis Edition Toyota Prius and Five Axis Design Prius accessories. Conceptualized for the 2009 SEMA Show as the Toyota Prius Aerius, major design elements from the concept car, have now found their way onto this newest, eye-grabbing addition to the Five Axis Edition family.

Performance and Styling Accessories include:

• Five Axis Design 4-piece Urethane Aero Kit
• FIVE:AD S6:F Wheels
• Yokohama AVID W4s Tires
• Tein High Tech Lowering Springs
• Five Axis Design badging
• Optional Clazzio Leather Interior Package
• Optional 3M Crystalline Window Film
• Optional Five Axis Design Subwoofer Enclosure and Amp Rack

The sleek Five Axis Design urethane aero kit has been aerodynamically tested and evaluated by Swift Engineering in San Clemente, CA. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) test results maintain the low factory 0.25 coefficient of drag as measured by Toyota engineers. Vehicle stability and handling is enhanced by a slight increase in downforce also created by the Five Axis Design aero kit.

As an innovative leader in the automotive design world, Five Axis Design products continue to increase aesthetic appeal while always respecting the integrity of the original vehicle design. "The Hybrid market remains a blank canvas for styling enhancements, here in the US. Our goal is to bring a little pizzazz to a car that has often been thought of as conservative by many." says Troy Sumitomo, President of Five Axis and Five:AD.

Completely accessorized vehicles as well as individual parts are immediately available through select Toyota Dealerships and various aftermarket accessory retailers throughout the US and Canada. For more information and pricing, contact Five Axis at 714.842.9677 or visit their Five Axis Edition Toyota Prius page online at

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Founded in 1995, Five Axis is an industry leader in concept vehicle design and prototyping for many OEM automotive brands. Five Axis has established a proven track record of unsurpassed industry respect through innovative and high-end designs for various projects over the years. All Five Axis consumer products are developed using the same design process and CAD development employed in concept vehicle prototyping, allowing for extreme attention to detail in both design and manufacturing of the finished products. For more information, visit or call 714.842.9677

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