This business with Uwe Gemballa just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier with each passing day. And by business, we mean business.

The founder and namesake of the Porsche tuning outfit was reported missing a couple of weeks ago upon a trip to South Africa. Initially the news was taken at face value, but then more reports began pouring in, indicating that the German authorities had raided the Gemballa headquarters and seized all the vehicles therein. Speculation ensued that Uwe's "disappearance" might not have been quite so accidental.

As the plot thickens, the latest reports suggest – verified by public records – that Uwe Gemballa opened a second company, with his 79-year-old mother as the sole stockholder, and had his wife (to whom he granted power of attorney) register the existing company for bankruptcy. And the kicker? The last time Uwe updated the company records was on February 5, only days before he vanished to Africa. Cue the "Unsolved Mysteries" theme song.

[Source: Cars UK]

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