Brammo Enertia and TTR race bike – Click above for high-res image gallery

We've certainly noticed an increase of choices in the electric bicycle, motorcycle and scooter markets over the last few years, and that's especially true in emerging markets like India and China. Many people can't afford – or choose not to own – a large, fossil fuel-burning machine for their daily use when small, efficient two-wheelers often fit the bill nicely.

According to Colorado-based market research firm Pike Research, we shouldn't expect this amazing growth to slow down any time soon. Just how big will the electric powered two-wheeler (PTW) market get? According to Pike, we'll see 466 million of the zero-emission machines by 2016 – truly a staggering figure.

We can't say for sure whether Pike's prediction will hold true, but there is clearly a great deal of growth potential in the electric two-wheeler category. Companies like Zero, Brammo, Quantya and Vectrix may have a head start, but big players like KTM and Honda have also signaled interest. PTW FTW?

[Source: Motorcycle USA]

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