While the TTXGP may not be staging a race on the Isle of Man this summer, they do have 13 other events planned and have just announced that the last venue necessary to complete the North American race calender will be the Road America track at Elkhart Lake. The storied four-mile Wisconsin circuit will see electric motorcycle action during the Suzuki Superbike Doubleheader weekend from June 3rd to 6th. The other contests on this side of the pond are at Infineon Raceway May 14-16, Mosport International July 8-11 and Virginia International Raceway August 31-15.

Meanwhile the Isle of Man/TT Zero controversy continues to simmer in the background with that government having issued forth a statement clarifying the situation placing the blame for the chain of events leading up to their decision squarely on the shoulders of TTXGP organizers. Unfortunately for them, their protestations seemed to have fallen on skeptical ears in the motorcycle media world. In reaction to the accusatory press release, eGrandPrix founder Azhar Hussain released a short and simple statement of his own that thanks his supporters, denies the IOM pronouncement and in a positive way expresses a desire to move on. You can find the press release regarding the Road America race as well as the conflicting statements after the break.

*Update: Added fresh TTXGP video outlining the 2010 season.

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TTXGP and Road America today announced an alliance that will see the Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin road course serve as a host site for an additional round of the TTXGP zero carbon motorcycle race series in the United States.

The TTXGP eGrandPrix at Road America will be held June 3-6, as part of the Suzuki Superbike Doubleheader weekend. "Road America is one of the most historic race circuits in the USA, and I am delighted that we will be adding to our history by bringing a round of the inaugural 2010 TTXGP North American Championship to this world famous racing venue" said Jeremy Burne, Director of TTXGP in North America. "TTXGP is all about pushing technology forward, and this race will be an important and historic step in making racing sustainable and relevant for today's fans and for those of the future. The progress and development of electric race technology is moving so fast, fans will know that they will be witnessing the very latest innovations that motorsports can deliver."

George Bruggenthies, president of Road America, is excited to bring zero carbon motorcycle racing to the Midwest USA's premier road course:" With the explosion of alternative fuel and energy efficiency research within the auto industry, Road America has hosted a variety of progressive, advanced technology-based racing series. We look forward to sharing competitive carbon-free electric cycle racing with our superbike fans. It's going be a great weekend of two-wheel racing."

The TTXGP North American Championship will provide an international platform for the development of electric motorcycles, enabling the futuristic technology behind them to be tested in an exciting and challenging way. TTXGP aims to drive low carbon technological innovation forward, to demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting. Team registration for the TTXGP North American Championship will open on February 12th, 2010


Following speculation and unsubstantiated claims regarding The Isle of Man Government's decision to run their own clean emissions event as part of the 2010 TT races, The Isle of Man Government's Department of Tourism and Leisure wishes to put on record the facts regarding their decision.

The Department began formal negotiations with the TTXGP Ltd team in July 2009 with a view to running another clean emissions event on The Isle of Man in 2010. On 2 September 2009, the Department formally agreed in principle to run an event and this was confirmed in writing to TTXGP Ltd. A proposal, including a financial support package, was communicated to the TTXGP team on 7th October, 2009. This proposal was rejected by the TTXGP Ltd management team. Subsequent to the original proposal TTXGP Ltd announced in late November, 2009 - without prior consultation with the Department - their plans for an event in Paris which conflicted with the TT period and effectively prevented TTXGP from participating in the allotted schedule in TT 2010.

On 21st December 2009 TTXGP Ltd advised the Department that due to their plans for Paris and their consequent inability to participate in the scheduled race in TT 2010, they proposed not to have a clean emissions race in TT 2010 and would aim to come back to the TT in 2011. TTXGP were advised that if they could not reschedule their proposed Paris event, in order to attend TT 2010 for the scheduled date, the Department would develop and manage its own clean emissions race. This was confirmed to TTXGP Ltd on 24th December, and subsequently a meeting between the Department and TTXGP Ltd was held on 15th January 2010.

TTXGP Ltd were invited to reconsider their position regarding the Paris event to enable their participation in TT 2010 on the scheduled date, but declined the opportunity to do so. The Isle of Man Government then confirmed its intention to organize its own clean emissions event and would provide a press release to TTXGP Ltd for any comments. At the request of TTXGP Ltd, the Isle of Man Government deferred the issue of its press release. Immediately after 15th January, the Isle of Man Government initiated its contingency plan in order to organise its own clean emissions race.

The Isle of Man Government made a significant investment in the TTXGP in 2009, both financially and through officer time across a number of departments. In order to protect this investment, the Isle of Man Government's Council of Ministers decided that if the Department was unable to reach agreement with TTXGP Ltd that it should run its own event. Regulations for the new event, TT Zero, were issued this week. This race will be run as a stand-alone class as part of the 2010 Isle of Man TT races meeting.

The Department is confident that with the support of the teams and riders, and the experienced third party agencies that are involved with running the TT Races, they can build on the 2009 TTXGP race.

The teams and riders will now have direct access to funds from the Isle of Man Government to assist with their travel and other costs associated with their participation and will also benefit from the integral association with the TT races that the event will now have.

The Isle of Man Government remains totally committed to clean emission motorcycle racing and the development of the technology that is associated with clean emission machines.

Statement from Azhar Hussain

I can only say that we are sorry that we won't be there. I want to say deep heartfelt thank you to the many many people from the Isle of Man who have sent us messages of support and encouragement.

I can confirm the question of Paris or issues of financial packages were not factors in the decision making and am disappointed that it is being suggested so. We remain surprised about the decision as we did everything possible to make this happen. The decision to downgrade the zero carbon class and replace it with a vintage bike parade was made solely by the Isle of Man.

Moving forward, we are totally committed to the success of all our stakeholders and are building partnerships to spark a thriving and self sustaining eco-system around zero carbon motorsports and transportation. The economic and technical dividend in working with TTXGP is tangible, achievable and timely. Over the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing with you what that means. TTXGP is an open invitation to be on the grid for next generation of motorsports. We welcome all to be part of it.

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