Rumormill: Has Toyota scrapped the design of the FT-86?

Toyota FT-86 concept - click above for high-res image gallery

This is... odd. But here's the very long story short. Japan's Holiday Autos is reporting that Toyota has decided to scrap the design of the so far pretty much beloved FT-86. Don't worry, the FT-86 and its rear-wheel drive, simple, cheap, sporty self isn't in danger. Toyota had three competing designs to work worth and have picked one that they liked better than the car we saw in Tokyo. That is their right and privilege.

This new design is reportedly the work of a Northern American design team also known as Calty Design Research, beating out Toyota's other European and Japanese proposals. The European team is responsible for the FT-86 concept we've seen so far. Trouble is, we have no idea what this new car looks like and we like how the concept looked. has a rendering of what the new car may look like posted here. But again, who knows? Especially as Holiday Autos doesn't strike us as the most trustworthy of sources. We'll try to do some digging and keep you posted. Tip of the floppy fedora to Cameron!

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