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One day we're going to finally get our hands on Gran Turismo 5. And when we sample Polyphony Digital's long-awaited sequel we'd be amazed (and delighted) if the game lives up to its constantly growing hype. While we still have absolutely no idea when GT5 will hit the shelves, when it does arrive it will come strong with a raft of new features gamers have been clamoring for.

Beyond damage rendering and a cornucopia of racing styles, GT5 will reportedly also come with Data Logger Visualization. DLV will enable gamers to go to a track in the real world and shoot in-car video, upload that clip to the PlayStation 3 and then compare that footage side by side against a virtual run in GT5. The folks at Polyphony Digital tested the functionality for themselves, and the resulting video after the jump is pretty impressive. Amazingly, the only difference between the live and game footage is that the real-world camera was shaky and uncrisp while the GT5 video is expectantly perfect. Very cool. Now if we can only get a copy for ourselves before Forza 4 arrives for the XBOX 360...

[Source: GranTurismo via Cold Track Days]

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