Brett Favre for Hyundai – Click above to see full video after the jump

What do blueberries, fishin' rodeos, the moon, and 400-pound linemen that run 4.3-second 40s have in common? They're among the wide range of things Brett Favre discusses in this locker room interview shot for an upcoming Hyundai Super Bowl commercial. Used to hype Hyundai's 10-year warranties, it's a funny look at what the NFL might be like in the future.

The year is 2020 and a gray-haired Favre fields questions from reporters about how things have changed during his 29 seasons in pro ball. While holding the 2020 MVP trophy, Brett echos some of the sentiments he's put out there in the past few seasons while being traded from the Pack to the Jets, retiring, and ending up in Minnesota, where he almost made it back to today's big game. Follow the jump to see a hilarious five minutes from the four-hour shoot, most of which will end up on the cutting room floor by game time.

[Source: Hyundai Motor America]

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