You know what we like almost as much as real cars? Toy cars. It's gotten to the point where there mere existence of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and the like seem like an ongoing conspiracy to suck an extra few bucks out of our wallets with every trip to the store.

Furthering that belief is Hot Wheels' new Kmart promo, wherein if you buy 20 cars from the basic assortment (they need to match certain SKUs, just FYI), you can then mail in your stack of receipts to receive the special edition '62 Corvette you see above. (A gallery of more detailed pics can be seen at It arrives on a special blister pack that notes its collector's edition status, and is even shipped in a Kar Keepers protective case to help ensure that the heavy-handed employees at your local sorting station don't wreck it in transit.

To qualify for the promotion, you must buy your 20 eligible Hot Wheels cars between Feb. 10 and Mar. 10, 2010. Additional details, official rules, etc. are available at Now please excuse us - there's a Jackson burning a hole in our pocket, and a Kmart within easy driving distance.


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