Report: Toyota to take pedal recall global is reporting that Toyota is currently in discussions with other world governments and safety agencies about expanding its latest recall involving defective accelerator pedal mechanisms that may cause unintended acceleration. Eight models are included in the current U.S. recall, which affects some 2.3 million Toyota branded vehicles. Without a fix for the issue, Toyota is required by law to stop production and sales of the vehicles, which it did yesterday – some five days after the recall was announced. Toyota also announced another recall earlier this month affecting 4.2 million vehicles with floor mats that could trap accelerator pedals, also causing unintended acceleration, and while the two issues are said to be unrelated, around 1.7 million vehicles are affected by both recalls.

At the heart of this latest recall are accelerator pedal mechanisms produced by Indiana-based CTS Corp. at its plant in Mississauga, Ontario. What's not immediately known is whether the pedal mechanisms produced by CTS Corp. have been used in any models sold outside North America, or whether the problem with these parts is in their manufacturing or an issue with their design, choice of materials, etc. If it's the latter, the defective pedal mechanisms could be produced in other Toyota supplier plants around the world and be used in millions more vehicles than the ones covered by this latest recall in the U.S.

Toyota has not officially commented whether or not its considering expanding the recall to other markets, or other brands like Lexus and Scion. Stay tuned as more news about Toyota and its recall woes continues to surface.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau, The Canadian Press | Image: HO/AFP/Getty]

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