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As far as we can tell, there's little if anything wrong the E92 M3. However, according to a post on Bimmerfile, that small point will not be stopping BMW from offering a Competition Package on 2011 models. What goes into a Competition Pack? We're not certain, and Bimmerfile can only speculate (bigger wheels, brakes, maybe). Knowing that much, we'll join 'em. But first, a little history.

Way back in 2005, BMW began a Competition Package for the E46 M3. Included were upgraded wheels, larger brakes, stickier tires,a firmer suspension and a revised Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system identical to the one on the hardcore M3 CSL. In addition, the E46 M3 Comp Pack also came with a quicker steering ratio. Inside, a bit of fussing took place in the form of Alcantara steering wheel and hand brake coverings and the steering wheel saw a few buttons (multi-function controls and cruise) deleted in favor of a DSC M button.

Will the E92 Competition Package feature similar upgrades? Hard to say, but we'll guess yes. For their part, Bimmerfile is speculating that larger wheels and brakes will be part of the package (at least), along with an upgraded interior. The E46 Comp Pack added about $4,000 to the price of the M3. You can be certain that this number will increase when the new package drops. Is there any chance that the Competition Pack will offer a few of the goodies found on the hardcore M3 GTS (pictured above)? Once again, maybe. Improved wheels, brakes and tires being the safest bet.

One curious note: there's a 7MA option pack attached to the Competition Package code (ZCP) that might simply mean a manual transmission option, or (according to Bimmerfile) could be an upgraded exhaust system good for a few ponies more. We'll keep you posted, though we should get some clarification right around Geneva.

[Source: Bimmerfile]

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