There will always be a great deal of debate surrounding the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Really, it is worded very odd. No matter what your opinion on gun ownership is, we'll think you'll agree that the Founding Fathers never intended this: a California man drove off a bridge, sank six feet under water and shot his way out of his car.

The 28-year-old man is a security guard at a Sacramento area casino who happened to have his handgun with him. The unnamed man claims that his cell phone rang, startled him and then he lost control of his Ford Focus, breaking through a guard rail and plunging into a river. We don't buy the cell phone story, as it rings about as truthful as the pelican putting a Bugatti Veyron into a Texas pond.

No matter the reason, being trapped underwater is surely horrible. Good thing he had the gun. Why didn't he try the door? He probably did and it wouldn't open. Also, we've never been trapped underwater so it's hard to say how the brain processes the situation. The upside is that the driver escaped with only minor injuries. Hat tip to Shaun!


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