You wouldn't know it by giving a cursory glance down its many city streets or witnessing hundreds of its dilapidated buildings firsthand, but the city of Detroit was once mile after mile of fertile land. Its close proximity to the Great Lakes and ample growing season make the area ideal for farming, and if John Hantz of Hantz Financial Services has anything to say about it, Detroit may once again be a leader in agriculture.

Hantz is starting off on the right foot by contributing $30 million of his own funds (his estimated net worth is over three times that amount) to create Hantz Farms, and he plans to immediately begin hiring full-time workers from Detroit. Sound like a fanciful idea with little shot at actually working? "That's the beauty of being down and out," answers Hantz. "You can actually open your mind to ideas that you would never otherwise embrace." Like turning the Motor City back to cornfields.

[Source: Fortune]

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