Nissan Juke – Click above for a high-res image

It was only six weeks ago that were looking at photos of the Nissan Qazana and intoning, "Oh, I see..." It was only last week we were looking at renderings of a production Qazana, now called the Juke and saying, "Well... maybe," but at the time it didn't look like the design-busting crossover would be coming to America. Looks like we, ahem, juked ourselves. In a meeting with reporters at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan's American head announced eight new vehicles, and one of them was the Juke.

Other than a sale date in September, there wasn't much else said about the the four-door that reminds us of a Kia Soul reimagined by Dali. Nissan never said the Juke wouldn't be sold in the U.S., but the company's repeated emphasis on Europe and the fact that the Juke will be built in the UK appeared to make it unlikely. Nissan says full details will be revealed on February 10. Until then you can have a look at it in the high-res image below, and imagine it saying "Wait'll they get a load of me..." Hat tip to Dan!

[Source: USA Today]

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