Detroit 2010: Volkswagen New Compact Coupe concept [w/video]

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It might be cold consolation to those of us desperate for a Scirocco in the States, but the Volkswagen Compact Coupe Concept has the potential to fill that particular hatch-shaped hole in our hearts – with a bit of green cred to boot.

With a sharper, more sculpted front fascia than its Golf and Jetta siblings, a deep swage line running the length of the sides and a rather anonymous (exhaust-less) rump, the Compact Coupe – as we mentioned earlier – comes across as the poor man's Audi A5. And the interior is something to behold.

Not only does it put the segment stalwarts to shame in both style and space, VW took pains to make the rear seats actually habitable. There's ample leg room and a trick center console with independent climate controls for both passengers, a quad-zone setup we hope makes the transition to production.

Although there's sure to be countless variants of the Coupe when it arrives in production guise (were sure a few versions of the 2.0T will find their way underhood), in the "concept" motivation is provided by a 1.4-liter TSI inline-four, putting out 150 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque. However, when partnered with its hybrid system (a 20-kilowatt electric motor drawing pour from a lithium ion battery), output is boosted by 27 ponies to 177 hp and an equal amount of torque. VW estimates that U.S. mileage should average around 45 mpg and with its hybrid setup, the Concept Coupe can be driven in full electric mode for an unspecified range. With it's seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, VW pegs the Coupe's 0-60 time at 8.1 seconds, with a top speed of 141 mph.

Although VW claims the Coupe is only a concept at this stage, the level of detail and V-Dub's lack of a credible coupe offering indicates that a production version should be on the way. And if VW's smart, they'll ditch the slow-selling Eos and offer a retractable soft-top version a few years after the Coupe hits the market. Check out all the details in our previous post.

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