DC Designs Tata Nano – Click above for image gallery

Here's a brilliant idea: Take a car that's endlessly billed as the World's Cheapest Car, modify it to the point that it's barely even recognizable as its former self and then offer it back up for sale with a zillion-times price increase. No longer the World's Cheapest Car then, eh?

The car in question is none other than the Tata Nano, and the diminutive machine has been thoroughly reworked courtesy of Mumbai-based firm DC Designs. Included in the transformation is a bespoke body kit that turns the Nano into a widebody with a fish-like gaping-mouth grille and 20-inch wheels. Finally, the car's underpowered 33-horse engine is swapped for a new 1.6-liter unit that can reportedly push the car to car to a blazing 124 miles per hour.

The price? 10 million rupee. That's $220,000, which represents an increase of about, oh, $218,000. Where do we sign?

[Source: AFP]

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