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Visit New Delhi and you'll be overwhelmed by the number of motorized trikes hustling and bustling through the city proper. They're practically the official vehicle of India because of their low cost, ease of maintenance and small size. But just as Tata is trying to revolutionize the world of budget motoring with the Nano, the Indian automaker wants to offer another form of urban transport to replace the much-loved trike. The Tata Magic Iris is it.

We don't have exact dimensions, but as you can see in the pics, it's small – the wheelbase isn't much longer than a baseball bat and the wheels max out at 12 inches (10-inch hoops are standard). Nestled within the steel five-seater (two in front and three out back) is a 611cc, water-cooled diesel churning out a 11 horsepower, allowing the diminutive box to hit a maximum speed of 34 mph. While its specs aren't about to set the world on fire, it's considerably more versatile than the trike it aims to replace. Tata hasn't announced pricing yet, but expect the Magic Iris to come in well below $2,000 when it hits Indian roads later this year.

[Source: IndianAutosBlog | Live Images: Shrawan Raja]

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