Detroit Preview: HP2g Revenge Verde Super Car

Last year, the HP2g E85-powered Mustang was at the Detroit Auto Show, and things were looking pretty good for Doug Pelmear and his 110 miles-per-gallon equivalent plan. He was participating in the Automotive X Prize and was confident he would at least win the popularity portion of the AXP thanks to the classic looks of his entry vehicle.

Fast forward a year and things haven't turned out quite as well as Pelmear may have hoped. In June, he and his team acrimoniously dropped out of the X Prize. The HP2g Mustang still made a few appearances, but the company's next vehicle – the Revenge Verde Super Car – was supposed to be at the LA Auto Show last month. It wasn't. Thankfully, when the Detroit Auto Show kicks off next week, Pelmear will be on hand at the NAIAS Green Zone with the Revenge Verde from Revenge Designs Inc.

Like the Mustang, the Revenge Verde uses the V8 HP2g engine that is supposed to get 110 mpg. We'll get more information from Cobo Hall next week, but what we've heard before says that the V8 engine puts out 400 hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque with CO 2 emissions under 200 g/km. Stay tuned for more.

[Source: HP2g]


Revenge VERDE with 110 MPG V8 HP2g engine to be on Display at North American International Auto Show

January 11- 24, 2010 ---- The Revenge VERDE Super Car with the 110mpg V8 HP2g engine will be displayed at North American International Auto Show in the GREEN Zone.

The HP2g is a revolutionary alternative energy solution that will reduce the nation's reliance on oil, and help keep the environment clean. The engine runs on E85, (a green alcohol-based fuel) that significantly reduces green house gas emissions. In testing, HP2g has exhibited ultra-high fuel economy and outstanding horsepower upon demand. The HP2g is EPA approved. The first production vehicle to utilize the HP2g technology is the Revenge Verde Super Car, a luxury performance super car from Revenge Designs Inc.

Also to be on display is HP2g engine display, Revenge VERDE Super Car. Both companies look forward to be on display.

all made in the USA

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