Just when there was beginning to be good news associated with MG, tales of woe return. This time it has to do with British entrepreneur Will Riley, who somehow established himself as the force behind the MG X-Power even though MG branding rights had been purchased by China's Nanjing.

Riley is in boiling water on three counts: Nanjing is suing to prevent him from using the MG name, employees are suing him for non-payment, and a Canadian man is suing him for theft. Riley bought a subsidiary division, MG Sports and Racing, from the failed company's administrators, PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Nanjing contends that the subsidiary never had the right to use the logo and image of the parent company.

The employees say that they haven't been paid for their time, with Riley's second-in-command claiming that he nearly lost his house for having not been paid and that the company never produced even one car beyond the prototype. The Canadian, who was working to raise investment for Riley, was given that one prototype in exchange for his assistance. When he sent it back to the factory to have work done on it, he later discovered the car was put up for auction and sold to someone else who crashed it. The court proceedings have only just begun in all cases, meanwhile Riley claims he is still committed to bringing back the brand.

[Source: Birmingham Post via China Car Times]

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