Spy Shots: 2011 Hyundai Elantra interior images grace the Interwebs

The compact C-segment is shaping up to be a real battleground over the next couple of years with some very stylish new entries. Chevrolet and Ford will, of course, have the Cruze and the all-new Focus – and the Honda Civic is due for a substantial refresh in another year or two. Not to be outdone, the next-generation Hyundai Elantra should arrive in about a year and it looks like it will be following the pattern set by the swoopy mid-size YF Sonata that just debuted at the LA Auto Show.
We've recently seen spy shots of the Elantra's exterior that shares many cues with the Sonata and looks like that carries over inside as well. Judging by these new spy shots, the Elantra will be getting a similar hooded instrument cluster and prominent center stack. Interestingly, the central air vents are located comparatively low on the dashboard below the audio controls.

Interestingly, the car pictured uses a gated shift lever, as the pre-production Sonatas that we saw did. However, the production Sonata will have a straight PRNDL shift pattern with a leather boot and we suspect the Elantra will follow a similar route.

[Source: Hyundai-Blog]

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